Laboratory of Economic Geology and Geochemistry

The Laboratory of Economic Geology and Geochemistry supports and facilitates research activities involving sampling and chemical analysis as well as mineralogical analysis of a variety of geological samples (rocks, minerals, ores, soil, sediment, water etc.).


Head of the Laboratory is Professor Michael Stamatakis


Research in the Laboratory of Economic Geology and Geochemistry is carried out in the following areas:

  • Mineral Exploration

  • Evaluation and Assessment of Mineral Resources

  • Ore mineralogical studies applying conventional and micro-analytical techniques.

  • Genesis of mineral deposits using field and laboratory studies, including application of microthermometric fluid inclusion techniques.

  • Conventional and innovative usage of mineral resources.

  • Studies on conventional and innovative, industrial and environmental applications of mineral by-products.

  • Sampling, preparation, analysis and quality assessment of ore and geochemical samples.

  • Exploration geochemistry.

  • Geochemistry and petrogenesis of rock suites.

  •  Evaluation of environmental impact of mining and processing of mineral resources.

  • Geochemistry of archaeomaterials.   



Laboratory infrastructure includes:

  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy unit operated in flame and graphite furnace modes

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy unit  (SEM) equipped with energy dispersive microanalysis system (EDS)

  • X-Ray Diffraction unit

  • Chemical laboratory equipped with various instruments for sample dissolution, microwave digestion, leaching experiments.

  • Flame photometer

  • Fluid inclusion- microthermometry unit equipped with optical microscope and digital monitor

  • Bench -top and portable spectrophotometers

  • Manually operated systems for sample and microscopy specimen preparation (crushing, screening and splitting bulk samples, pulverizing and homogenizing subsamples to prepare them for chemical analysis; thin and polished section preparation)

  • Optical microscopes