Welcome to the website of the Department of Economic Geology and Geochemistry

Economic Geology and Geochemistry combines the study of geology of ore deposits and geochemistry to describe and understand the processes of mineral resource formation as well as to quantify the environmental impact of mineral and energy resource exploitation. Research in the department is also focused on the development of techniques and solutions related to sustainable production of mineral resources, quality control of industrial raw materials and assessment of contaminated land and water. Research topics include:
  • Exploration and assessment of mineral resources

  • Baseline geochemistry of soils and water

  • High temperature geochemistry and petrogenesis of igneous and metamorphic rocks and geochemical evidences for the formation of ore deposits

  • Biogeochemical processes related to ore deposits

  • Raw materials exploration and exploitation

  • Environmental impact assessment of mining activities

  • Use of mineral resources for environmental protection

  • Recycling of by-products from metal mining and metallurgy

  • Soil and water pollution assessment and management